martinski meme | two face touching scenes [2/2]
↳  Try and slow your breathing.
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martinski meme | two face touching scenes [1/2]
↳  Stay
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martinski meme | one declaration of love
↳  you wanna dance?
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martinski meme | four staring at each other scenes [1/4]
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Took this picture in beautiful Rome last night. This sky makes me think of us. The stars are so far from me and so are you. I hope one day I will hold your hands again. I miss you.

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best of world cup 2014 । part 3

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Shoutout to the thick girls who are also thick in the arms and belly and everywhere else that isn’t considered as sexy.

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Math is essential. To what? Knowing how much you tip at restaurants. And less important things like medicine, economics, engineering.

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Anonymous: any tips on self confidence for girls?


Get up. Favourite lingerie. Favourite outfit. As much or as little make up as you like. Look in the mirror. Hair flip. I am a hot bitch. I deserve exactly what I want. I will never settle for less. Repeat until you feel it to your core. Make plans for world domination. Go out. Kill it.  

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Came up, that’s all me, stay true, that’s all me
No help, that’s all me, all me for real

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  • alaska where you at bitch
  • a shit-ton of katherines
  • paper-ass towns
  • holy fucking shit another will grayson
  • fuck you stars

And now we wait until John Green finds this

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